About us

The company was set up in 1977 as “SANA CASA” – (healthy home), based on our principal business, which was wall restoration and rising damp protection.
Alongside this activity we also manufactured the first pneumatic tool for brickwork pointing, model PM 80: the same machine can perform several different site jobs with top quality results.We registered our system and the ‘UMIBLOK‘ brand in 1987 and started manufacturing specific building construction equipment , refining the PM 80 design with a new model flagged PM 90.This was to be followed by MAGIC 2000 and MAGIC 2002 until the company’s 2005 innovative leap with the MAGIC PLUS range of models, the first and only easy-to-use battery-operated grout pumps.Today we work with the most important materials producers, including: Mapei, Kerakoll, Italcementi, Henkel, E.Col.Chim.MAGIC PLUS is available in models P60P80P100, P140 and DYNAMICS P120, all completely practical thanks to their compact size and reduced weight; choosing the best model for your application will allow you to handle several different jobs such as pointing, injection, micro-injection, void filling, plastering and rendering, thermal cladding, work with dual component products, and spraying.Over the years the company expanded, taking part in specialized building construction exhibitions in Italy and abroad, executing several highly prestigious contracts for refurbishment of historic monuments and civic buildings and participating in a world study aimed at defining the Sphinx conservation project, apart from filing several innovative and ground-breaking patents in the sector.

In 1998 ‘SANA CASA‘ was merged with ‘UMIBLOK Srl‘, which continues the same business and patents a new physical damp course that not only creates an impermeable barrier at the foot of the wall to prevent rising damp but can actually absorb a measure of subsoil vibration.

Each ‘UMIBLOK‘ product is designed to adapt perfectly to pointingsprayinginjection and micro-injection dutiesand can be used vertically (walls) or on floors.

The UMIBLOK unit is also compact, lightweight, practical to handle and use, and has minimal maintenance requirements: this is the ideal machine for small and large restoration sites, thanks also to its ease of cleaning without disassembling the equipment for the maximum simplicity and speed.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and easy handling, the ‘UMIBLOK‘ unit is ideal for work on scaffolding, where it assures safety and reliability.

The ‘UMIBLOK‘ can be used with the majority of premixed pointing mortars and traditional mortars; the system is highly intuitive and can be activated with a simple remote control with potentiometer to adjust mortar output.
The machine is very easy to handle at just 15 kg, can be quickly stowed in a station wagon or large hatchback, and is surprisingly quiet when running.

Each product is designed for building contractors, tradesmen and jobbers and also for home users.

There’s also a broad range of accessories for building industry professionals, including guns for specific spray applicationscontrolled pressure injection lances and pointing lances.

Power consumption is extremely low, with 220V mains connection or battery power.


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